Birmingham, home to zip codes 48009 and 48012, is one of the more ostentatious locales in the metro Detroit area. Here you will find a varied range of places to dine and drink the night away! Read on for our favorite from this notable town:

Hunter House Hamburgers on 35075 Woodward Avenue

Here you will find the predecessor of the "little white hamburger joints" which are so very popular around Michigan. During the Woodward Dream Cruise, this place is among the favorites for cruise-goers to stop in and grab a delicious bite to eat. Hunter House has been open for many decades, and has always delivered quality, delicious little "sliders" as well as coney island faire; all of which is beyond delicious! The staff here is great too! Always so genuinely friendly and happy to see their guests. When you have a taste for old fashioned appeal, take your taste right to the Hunter House and get your fix!

The Corner on 100 Townsend Street

For the most "chic" experience in Birmingham, you'll want to spend some time at The Corner. They have a comfortable yet trendy accomodation for you to enjoy, as well as a friendly and efficient cast of employees who will make you feel right at home... if one could feel at home in such a cool night club. They play the hottest tunes from today's greatest artists, and the dance floor is always full of folks who are enjoying their evening here. To top it off they have their own DJ in house who is always willing to take request for your favorite music!

Commonwealth Coffee on 300 Hamilton Row

A break from the deluge of chain coffeehouses, Commonwealth delivers a great cuppa to anyone looking for a great place to take a break and enjoy sipping on their favorite blend. Our friends tell us all about the cozy and friendly atmosphere here, and we agree that this is the single best place to grab a Mocha Latte in town! They also have a lunch menu with some great light dishes to hold you over until your next meal.

Original Pancake House on 33703 South Woodward Avenue

For a great breakfast any time of the day, look no further than this classic restaurant in the heart of Birmingham. This has been a staple of our visits to Birmingham for many years now, and they've managed to satisfy our craving for wonderfully fluffy pancakes time and time again. For something a little different, be sure to check out the crepes! They offer different fruit fillings for them, and each one is as delicious as the next. After your first visit here, it's so good, we're sure it will become one of your favorites too!

Phat Sammich on 34186 Woodward Avenue

There hasn't been a soul out there, that we've talked to, who does't love this place! Honestly, with what they offer to the sandwich lover, this place is undeniably too good to be true. Each and every delicious sandwich they offer is piled high with your favorite fresh deli meats, and the fries that accompany them are always just perfectly prepared and delicious! As is common with places like this, you'll want to ignore the rather spartan interior and get right to the heart of what matters... the delicious food!