Port Huron

Port Huron is a fun town in the zip code of 48060. A border town, Port Huron benefits from the closely knitted relationship with it's neighbors across the way in Canada

Pompeii's Pizzeria on 1120 Military Street

When it comes to pizza, real hand-tossed pizza... Pompeii's is the place to go in Port Huron. We just love this place in every way. If you're not in the mood for pizza, never mind... try one of their traditional Italian dishes which includes some of the best pasta and sauce in the state. Be sure to check out their wine selection for a tasty bit of vino to accompany your delicious meal!

Daybreak Cafe on 3910 Twenty-Fourth Avenue

If you have a taste for breakfast, you'll want to stop in at the Daybreak in the morning! Our personal favorite is the scrumptious cinnamon apple pancakes with real maple syrup. If that's a little sweet for your taste buds, give the popular eggs benedict a go. There is a wide array beyond these two favorites to try as well. They specialize in breakfast, so you can't go wrong with whatever your choice may be!

Bangkok Star on 421 Beers Street

When bringing your party bus to Port Huron, you might want to give a great Thai restaurant a go. If this is what you're looking for, set your eyes upon the Bangkok Star! You simply can't find a better presented Thai restaurant than this one. When compared to other Thai establishments, the authenticity of the Bangkok Star is what really shines through. If you want to try something they're well known for, give the Bangkok Chicken a try. If chicken isn't your thing, you'll love their beef dishes, or even their vegetarian dishes. Their listings differentiate mild from spicy, so pay attention to their designations and you'll be sure to get the "hotness" you want.

Thomas Edison Inn on 500 Thomas Edison Parkway

The Thomas Edison Inn is a great place to stay, and an even better place to dine! We always recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a great hotel or a wonderful restaurant. With the high quality in mind, you really don't have to pay through the teeth to get a delicious meal. Highly recommended is the succulent rack of lamb, and the Clam Chowder as an opener can't be overlooked. To accompany your dinner, be sure to peruse the wine list, or ask about their liquor and bar selection. If you're seated in the right spot, you'll also get a splendid view of the Huron River. The Inn is a superb choice for a special date!

Quay Street Brewing Company on 330 Quay Street

If you dig microbrewed or craft beer, you'll love Quay Street Brewing Company! We, ourselves, would consider ourselves to be in this crowd... so you can rest assured that our recommendation is worth it's weight! Our highest recommendation is the in-house micro brews. They really compliment the cuisine offered there. Cuisine which, by the way, is pretty good in it's own right. They offer less than common entrees like shrimp pizza, black bean burgers, and lamb burgers. As well as having more "standard" faire like fresh fish and mouth watering steaks. Oh! Don't forget about the spinach pie, which is darn near as good as grandma used to make. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, with choices like this... We don't really think you can go wrong here.