Saginaw is a thriving city in Michigan with the zip codes of 48601, 48602, and 48605. This city is one that's meant to be enjoyed, and that will be easy to do when you decide to check out these popular bars in Saginaw:

Retro Rocks on 110 S Hamilton St

Retro Rocks is a specialty bar that knows how to celebrate all things vintage. If you don't believe us, come check out the interior of this impressive establishment today! They offer an amazing atmosphere filled with the cheapest drinks in the area, live music from talented local acts, and some of the best management that we've had the privilege of witnessing. If you're a fan of 80's music, you're going to have a blast drinking at Retro Rocks.

Ewald's Bar on 301 Court St

Ewald's Bar has been around for ages! This family run establishment is a great way to give back to your community. When you decide to eat and drink here, you're throwing money back into the local economy where it truly belongs. There are dart boards, pool tables, and Keno for those looking for entertainment. However, drinks with friends here at Ewald's will be fun enough to be entertainment by itself. Be sure to try out this fantastic establishment today!

Hamilton Street Pub on 308 S Hamilton St

Hamilton Street Pub has the best bartenders in town! This place offers live music in the form of local rock and roll bands. Not only that, but you'll also find a bar food menu that offers all of the classic favorites, and some new options if you're looking to switch it up a little bit. Whether it's lunch, dinner, or a late night snack, it will surely be affordable when it's from the Hamilton Street Pub in Saginaw.

White's Bar on 2609 State St

White's Bar is the place to be when you have a hankering for some live music! The staff here is comprised of warm hearted, efficient individuals who know how to service. The crowded atmosphere adds to the ambience, while the regulars are used to it! You won't regret trying this bar out, trust us. We think you'll have a great time dancing, drinking, and listening to the most talented local acts here at White's Bar in Saginaw.

Savoy Bar & Grill on 127 S Franklin St

Savoy Bar & Grill has won the spot of "best bar food" in the Saginaw area. Where else can you find French Onion Soup that tastes as though it came straight from the streets of Paris? It's all here at Savoy Bar & Grill, plus extra savings on all of your favorite drinks, whether they happen to be beer, cocktails, wine, or straight up spirits. It's all here at Savoy, and they're waiting for your patronage as we speak right now.