Wyandotte Michigan, zip code 48192, is probably the most visited city in the Downriver area! To see our favorite choices from this trendy town, check out the information below:

Oak Cafe on 1167 Oak Street

If you're looking to stop in at a classic and popular spot in Wyandotte, look no further than "The Oak" as the locals call it. Always looking to add to the variety, Oak Cafe is always cycling in new brews to their plentiful taps. Should your favorite not be available on tap, they'll have it in the bottle. Honestly, we were quite surprised at just how many different beers they had there. To add to this wonderful selection is a great variety of liquor and concurrent knowledge in how to mix them up in any way you could possibly imagine! Top off your visit with one of their tasty burgers or sandwiches, and your evening will be complete!

RP Mc Murphy's on 2922 Biddle Avenue

Opened in 1979, RP McMurphy has been delivering ethnic German cuisine to the greater Downriver area with style and class. The decor is specific to the genre, and hearkens back to a simpler style of life. Now, onto the delicious foods. They have a diverse range offered on their menu, and a roving selection of awesome specials for you to sample different types of food from Germany. True to their heritage, you'll find a well stocked selection of Beers and Regional Wines to accompany your authentic experience. Everyone we've talked to simply loves this place! We're sure you will too!

Speedboat Bar & Grill on 749 Biddle Avenue

Located a little bit off the downtown Wyandotte path, the Speedboat is nonetheless worth a visit! They offer delicious food at a very reasonable fare. The hot, juicy, and THICK burgers here are worth coming back to again and again! If burgers aren't your thing, no need to fret... their sandwiches are just as notably delicious. With your meal, be sure to take advantage of their well-stocked bar. Come in during some evenings to enjoy karaoke or sometimes a live band playing some good tunes to enjoy!

Frank's Italian Pizzeria on 3144 Biddle Avenue

This location is Wyandotte's most popular place to grab a traditional Italian dish or a wonderful hand-tossed pizza. Every time we've been here, we've marvelled at just how delicious and UNDER priced everything is! When you walk into Frank's you'll be hit with nostalgia as though you've stepped back into time... Frank's dining room is relatively unchanged since it was opened back in the day. Don't worry, they keep it up nicely and it's quite clean. Just, nostalgic. Be sure to bring cash though! Frank's doesn't accept credit or checks. This only adds to the feel of old time to us though.

Gizzmos Bistro & Bar on 3225 Biddle Avenue

If you're looking for a trendy spot in Wyandotte to spend some time, stop in at Gizzmos and sample one of their 50 different varieties of Martinis, as well as a superb selection of the more standard beers and liquors. While your enjoying your drink, you'll be able to enjoy some live entertainment, or perhaps one of their appetizers from their menu. If you stop in here, you won't be disappointed, as Gizzmo's delivers nicely in the more upscale style of offerings!