Flint has gotten a bad rap over the years. To see for ourselves, we've spent some time in Flint's zip codes of 48503, 48506, 48507, and 48532. Our time here has proven that you can't always trust the negativity! See what we have to say below:

Empress of China on 2320 South Dort Highway

We've received so many recommendations for the Empress of China through the years, we just had to find out for ourselves. Boy! Were the recommendations spot on! They feature dirt cheap lunch specials which never leave you wanting for more. We'd like to recommend one dish in particular (which is hard to do when they have so many wonderful dishes) which is the Princess Chicken. The China Town Special is also well worth a try. They also offer the perennial favorites, which are also super delicious. Give them a go! You won't be sorry.

Hoffman's Deco Deli on 503 Garland Street

Do you just love a delicious sandwich? Should you be in Flint and have a hankering for a sandwich that simply stands above the rest, take your hankering to Hoffmans Deco Deli! Be advised that you will need a LARGE appetite in coming here! Their sandwiches are both enormous in flavor and in literal terms. The best part of it all, is that this class establishment is both locally owned and operated. These days, it's hard to find a place that is home-bred. They won't disappoint, you will love your experience there!

Halo Burger on 3805 East Court Street

When you're in Flint, and need a quick burger... Make sure you cruise right on by the "national" chains and head straight to Halo Burger. They offer fresh, high quality burgers and sides. The best part is that they aren't pre-pattied factory burgers. They shape them out right there in the restaurant, just like your favorite local bar! In our experience, they are the best "fast food" burger we've ever tasted. This place has become a staple for us, and whenever we're in the area, this is one must stop at place!

Mega Classic Diner on 4462 Corunna Road

Should you be as big of a fan of the old-school diner as we are, you'll certainly want to check out this take on a classic diner. One of their perennial favorites is the chili curry fries, which has survived through memory as they're not "on the menu" per-se. Should you want more standard diner faire, they'll be happy to present you with great burgers, fries, salads, and coney dogs. What ever you might order, it will be a most generous portion befitting the largest appetite. The best part? You're not going to pay too much for your great portions!

White Horse Tavern on 621 West Court Street

Known throughout the area as one of the most comfortable and relaxing places to grab a tasty meal and a brew. For a "chill" night with your friends, there really isn't anywhere better to go when you're in the Flint area. They really deliver on all counts, great fish and chips, delicious stromboli, and pizza... the pizza is delicious. Even better, is that pizza is knocked down to half price on weekends! That is a great deal, because the pizza isn't really all that pricey to begin with. An added touch to this all around winner of a tavern, is the roaring hot fire in the fireplace during the winter months. This really adds to the cozy ambiance all the way around!